Tube Mate – Best YouTube Video Downloader for Android

Tube Mate is the first app to support YouTube video download. That’s why it is more popular among Android users as YouTube Downloader. Since then this app has evolve to be a great app. Support many features and become more and more user friendly. Recently Devian Studios released 3rd version of tube mate. It is called Tube mate 3.

Tube Mate

Tubemate is popular among Android users as YouTube video downloader. Those who use the app before have known that it can be used to download videos from many online services like Facebook, Dailymotion, vimeo, Instagram and many more. Now video download is easy with Tube Mate.

There are lot more reasons that people love Tube Mate. There are many features that I didn’t mention. I will describe some of the features.

You can download multiple videos at once. I mean just like some apps you do not need to wait till one download complete. You can surf videos or download more when downloading occur. Video download let you to choose the quality of video. You can go for high quality full HD videos or low quality videos. You can choose quality and play before download them.

If you are interested on audio to music not the video you can directly download audio file. No need to use any other third party apps to convert video to audio or to waste time to find mp3 of a music. All these new features are completely free. With Tube Mate 3 you can browse using tabs. Everyday Devian studios work hard to release new features. Therefore app become more and more popular among Android users.

Tube Mate 2.4.4 became most popular. Because it is the last version of  TubeMate 2. You can download all and latest version of Tube Mate from here.

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