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Do you like to watch Movies and TV series to relax your day or to enjoy your holiday then AppFlix is for you. Using this app you can watch older and new Movies and TV shows for free. If you like to watch foreign Movies or TV shows dubbed on your language then this is the best app that you can have.

Once you click on a Movie to watch it may display all possible searches around the world where you play that movie. When you scroll down the results you will see it shows results based on country flag. Select the result that matches you.

This app is still a trending app. It keeps increasing users day by day proving it is worth having. Contains tons of free Movies and TV shows. Specially made for Android users. If you want to install AppFlix for Windows or MAC check this article.

Check: AppFlix for Windows

AppFlix Apk

AppFlix is developed by and this is the new successor to seriesDroid app which is also developed by As soon as a new Movie or TV series released you can see that movie or TV show listed on AppFlix. So no need to search whole internet to find a good copy all are inside the appflix.

If you have limited internet connection you can download Movie you like and can watch them later too. If you have smart TV or FireStick, FireTV, FireTV cube, MiBox you can install this application and can watch movies using your TV too.

Anime Movies and Anime Series

AppFlix does not provide or have Japanese, Chinese and other countries Animes. The developed this application and they have another awesome Android app for Animes. It is AnimeDroid. Latest version of Animedroid is AnimeDroid S2. You can download this application for completely free and you can watch any Anime you like for free.

Download AppFlix


Download AppFlix – Official Website

Download AppFlix Apk– mirror link

Alternative app to Appflix – SeriesDroid Apk

Instagram IGTV

IGTV Apk or Instagram TV app will help you watch something you like from favorite Instagram Creators. Chill out your day, or something when you eat or exercise etc. Enjoy longer Instagram videos using your IGTV app.


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