My Android app choices 2018

As you know there are lots of apps out there. Today I will discus about my new choices of this month. Some apps are just released and some are older and familiar to you.

FileLinked (Formerly DroidAdmin)

droidadmin apk

DroidAdmin is redesigned and renamed to FileLinked. You can download FileLinked Apk from ru10. Go to official FileLinked Apk website for more filelinked Codes.

DroidAdmin is like everything. Its concept feels like useless but it can be used for many purposes. Let me first tell you how this app work. Using this app you can download bulk files to your Android device without needing to typing each file URL to download or search. You can use your computer to make file collection and use you phone to download or you can share your collection with friend. That collection may be wallpaper collection, e-book collection, android games collection, app collection. So you know there are lots of people who have awesome mod apps but can’t publish them so that everyone can see. Each collection has the droidadmin code for it. Sharing that code will have access to that collection. Go to droidadmin download page there you can download droidamin app and free droidadmin codes.

FileLinked Download

AC-Market App

acmarket app

You may have seen and install may android market places or app stores. All of them have good and nice interfaces. But this one is similar to Play Store. So feels like using Google Play Store. There are lots of advantages of using ACMarket App. No region barriers or limitations. You can download which ever the app or game you want. Contain free android apps and games including paid ones too.You can find best mod apps there.Fast download and not laggy like other app stores..Download this app from ACMarket app page.

Download ACMarket App

Crunchyroll Apk

Crunchyroll apk

Crunchyroll is all about animes. As you know best anime shows are from Japan. How about you can watch those anime series after 1 broadcast in Japan. So this is the one and only best Android app. Download this crunchyroll app and watch anime. One stop destination to stream over 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of the latest and greatest anime series. You can download Crunchyroll Apk from

Download Crunchyroll Apk

Adaway Apk

adaway apk

Using you Android phone become headache when there are lots of annoying ads. Many Android apps and games comes with ads. Some apps have video ads that you can’t close them until it end playing. No only apps and games but also when browsing the internet too. So how would you remove those annoying from Android apps, Games and chrome for free. For this you should have rooted android phone. Adaway can do its just at best. Most important thing is that this app keep updating new and emerging ad platforms. So no ads can escape from this app.

Download Adaway Apk

Neverthink App

neverthink app

You may use Facebook, Youtube, vimeo, dailymotion to watch videos all over the internet. In order to watch video you like you have keep searching. Sometimes you may ended playing same video twice. What if if there is someone who watch all the videos on the internet and select best out of them and categories. When ever you want to watch video just select the category you want and keep watching. No complex algorithms to select videos. All videos are watch by people. 100% handpicked videos. This is a new app released in this year. Best video streaming app I wanted.

Download Neverthink App


voicera apk

Voicera is a great app for the people having busy life. This app is intend to be used in meetings to take automated notes for you. It have integrated A.I. assistant called EVA. This app can summarize content and take download important point of the meeting for you. You can add EVA to meeting and allow that app that down notes for you even though you are not in the meeting. In my case I use this app to take notes in my lectures. Each time when there is important point said by lecture, I say “action item” to take that as a important point. End of the lecture I have nice and clean note with short note that can be used to exams.

Download Voicera Apk

Aptoide Lite

aptoide lite

Using apps and games will eat your phone memory. When I want to search for Android apps and games when I have low memory I use this app. Because Aptoide contain very large number of Android apps and games. Since this app is light weight and specially designed to used in low memory situations this app works find and feels like fastest android app store.

Download Aptoide lite

Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV is one of the best entertainment app for Android devices at this time. It brings to you the top-quality content in HD quality from around the globe. You can watch all of it absolutely free of cost. It has tons of movies, latest episodes, documentaries, and whatnot.

Download Morpheus TV APK

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